Medill Fellowship Program


The Medill Fellowship Program, which receives funds from alum Christine Brennan (BSJ’80, MSJ ’81) and the McCann family, provides a stipend to an intern at an unpaid journalism-related summer internship. This small fund is intended to provide supplemental assistance to students and will be distributed to those with financial need. Assistance could range from $500-$1,000.

Who is eligible for the MFP?

  • The Medill Fellowship Program is available to Medill freshman, sophomores, and juniors who will be returning to Medill for the Fall 2021 quarter.
  • Students whose summer internships are unpaid.
  • Students who will not receive compensation from their internship employer, University departments, and/or other funding sources (with the exception of a travel and/ or food stipend provided by your internship employer).

For more information, please contact:
Samantha Nissen
Assistant Director of Academic and Career Management | Medill School of Journalism

$500 - $1000
Supplemental Questions
  1. To apply for the MFP, please fill out the application form, submit a resume and a writing sample or clip. Your information will remain confidential. Only the Medill Fellowship Program Committee will have access to your information.
  2. Best phone number to contact you:
  3. Permanent Address:
    • 1. Street Address:
    • 2. City:
    • 3. State:
    • 4. Zip Code:
    • 5 Home Phone Number (please write all zero's if you don't have one):
  4. Cumulative GPA:
  5. Internship Information:
    You must have an unpaid internship secured in order to be fully considered for the Medill Fellowship Program. Please provide the following information regarding your summer 2021 unpaid internship.
    • 1. Name of Organization:
    • 2. Street Address:
    • 3. City:
    • 4. State:
    • 5. Zip Code:
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