Northwestern Career Advancement - Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP)

The Summer Internship Grant Program was established to support Northwestern students participating in unpaid internships. A primary focus is as a funding source for undergraduate Northwestern students who have accepted (or planning on securing) an unpaid internship or summer experience in an industry that traditionally does not pay their interns. However, it is also a career development program to enrich important learning opportunities as students engage in the summer experiences.

Since 2007, the Summer Internship Grant Program has made it possible for undergraduate students to pursue unpaid internships. In 2020, 415 Northwestern students received grants of $3000 to participate in unpaid summer experiences.

Career Development Program
In addition to receiving a grant for living and travel expenses accrued during the summer of an unpaid experience, students are required to participate in career development activities that include: LinkedIn professionalism and SIGP virtual community participation, informational interviews, networking, midway review, and donor appreciation.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Eleni Vartelas
Assistant Director | Northwestern Career Advancement

Supplemental Questions
  1. Campus:
  2. What is your hometown? Please list city and state (and country if outside the United States).
  3. Permanent Address:
    • 1. Permanent Street Address:
    • 2. Permanent City:
    • 3. Permanent State/Province:
    • 4. If you indicated "Other/ Non - U.S. resident" above, please list the country. Please write "N/A" if you are a US resident.
    • 5. Permanent Zip Code. Please list "00000" for Non - U.S. residence
    • 6. Permanent Country:
    • 7. If your country is not listed above, please list it below (write "N/A" if it is listed):
  4. Have you applied for an appeal with the Office of Financial Aid within the last two months of the academic year (end of Fall quarter/ beginning of Winter Quarter)?
  5. Are you a student-athlete (this would not include intramural sports)?
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