SoC NU Faces Fund

Formerly known as the “School of Communication Department of Theater Chicago Showcase”

$100 – $720 maximum award amount

Goals/Objectives of fund:
The goal of this fund is to support student access to School of Communication undergraduate curricular and co-curricular activities. Most specifically, this fund provides financial assistance to senior acting and musical theatre undergraduate students who have been selected to participate in the Senior Performance Showcase opportunities over spring break and towards the end of spring quarter.

Description of the fund:
Each academic year, the Northwestern University Theatre department hosts two opportunities for graduating seniors to perform for professional regionally affiliated agents, casting agents, and managers. Historically, the Theatre department and SoC have provided financial support for qualifying students with demonstrated financial need to offset the cost of participation in these in-person events. Costs previously included transportation, lodgings and headshots for New York Showcase, and local expenses and headshots for Chicago Showcase. As global pandemic restrictions and safety precautions continue to impact the global, professional Theatre community in unprecedented ways, once again, there will be no live event for agents to attend this year. In Early MAY Students selected to participate in Acting and Musical Theatre 2021 Showcase (formerly NY Showcase) will have their taped auditions uploaded to A Breakdown Services Ecocast site, access to which is sent via secure link to over 2500 verified industry professionals all across the US and Canada. Taped auditions for NU Faces (formerly Chicago Showcase) will be uploaded to the School of Communication website in Early JUNE. We found that this approach was highly effective for student visibility and acquiring representation as well as work last year.

All students participating in Acting and Musical Theatre Showcase 2021 and NU Faces 2021 will have access to performance coaching, self-taping instruction, equipment and technical assistance through academic coursework. Participating students will be responsible for costs related to procuring professional headshots. The average cost of participation per student this academic year is approximately $790 for professional acting headshots, printing, and related incidental costs. In the past few years, the Showcase Fund has covered up to 80% of participation costs for the highest need students.

Funding Application deadlines and schedule:
Acting and Music Theatre Showcase: Eligible students audition in November/December and are selected in December to participate the following Spring. The Acting and Music Theatre Showcase funding opportunity opens Friday, December 11th, and will close Wednesday, March 31.

NU Faces: Eligible students are contacted in March and participate in a mandatory informational meeting in April. The NU Faces funding opportunity will open Thursday, April 1, and close Wednesday, June 30.

Applications for both opportunities will be reviewed on a rolling basis; awardees will be contacted via email regarding award amounts, disbursement/reimbursement processes.

Eligibility requirements:

Participating students must be in good academic standing and have an appropriate relationship with the acting and/or music theatre curricula. Acting and Music Theatre Showcase participants are encouraged, but not required to also participate in NU Faces. Students applying for Acting and Music Theatre Showcase and/or NU Faces fund support must have been notified by the selection committee that they have been selected to participate in Acting and Music Theatre Showcase and/or NU Faces. Questions regarding eligibility to participate in either opportunity should be directed to: Students will be funded for only one set of headshots and related incidental costs.

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Lori D. Barcliff Baptista
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs & Advising, School of Communication

Supplemental Questions
  1. I understand that in order to submit this application I must have been notified by the Showcase committee that I have been selected to participate in NU Faces 2021.
  2. I understand that I CANNOT receive funding from both the Acting and Musical Theatre Showcase 2021 and NU Faces 2021. I can only receive funding from one fund.
  3. What amount of funding support are you requesting?
  4. Please attach a copy of your showcase or NU Faces budget. DO NOT purchase items and expect full reimbursement until you know your approved award amount. Budget guidelines are as follows: headshot photography ($450 - $650); printing costs ($200); incidentals ($30 - $50). Access to self-taping equipment and instruction will be accommodated by other resources and should not be requested through this fund.
  5. I understand that I should not purchase items and expect a full reimbursement until I am informed that I will be awarded.