Student Activities Assistance Fund (SAAF)

The Student Activities Assistance Fund (SAAF, formerly known as the SASF) was established in 2012 as a supplemental grant to assist students in registered student organizations, fraternity and sorority chapters under the four social councils, and Northwestern sports clubs with financial support to participate fully in their student organization’s programs and events.

Student groups such as dance teams, volunteer organizations, sports clubs, and a cappella groups often require their members to contribute personal funds for group trips, supplies, and competitions. The SAAF is meant to help reduce the financial burden these activities may create for students with financial need. This is a grant for individuals, not organizations. If multiple members of a group require assistance, they must each fill out an individual general application as well as SAAF supplemental questions. Each application will be considered individually based on application answers, financial need, and the SAAF budget limitations. The SAAF review process relies heavily on information provided by Northwestern Financial Aid and Student Accounts.

Please visit the Student Organizations & Activities website for further information:


  • In efforts to support as many student activities as possible, there is a strict 2-week turnaround for receipt submission. Applicants who are offered awards and do not follow-up with proof of payment in a timely manner may will forfeit their award back to the SAAF balance. For any concerns with this, please email
  • If this is your first time applying, please be sure to complete the supplemental questions in additional to the basic profile questions.
  • There is a $600/student cap for the academic year. If you have already received $600 in awards for 2019-20, please do not submit a new or revised request as this will slow the process for others.
  • Applicants will be reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis. Applicants are responsible for checking their Northwestern email for notifications to accept offers and announcements for next steps.
  • If you need to amend your application due to changing expenses after you submit, you must (1) log-in to OneForm and update your budget template by adding rows of the updated budget (please do not remove rows since the previous version of the file will not save… instead you can strikethrough or make a note) and (2) email since the system will not automatically notify the reviewer of an updated submission. The applications reset each academic term.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Joseph Lattal
Associate Director | Student Organizations & Activities

Student Orgs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please find the student organization (or event) for which your expenses are related to in the drop-down menu. Only recognized student organizations, sports clubs, and fraternity and sorority chapters under the four social councils are eligible for individuals to seek SAAF awards for their events and programs. If you are having trouble finding your organization, visit and search for the official name of the organization.
  2. If you selected "other" above, please write the name of your student organization. If you did select a student organization, please write "N/A".
  3. What is the primary classification of the organization whose programs you are seeking funding support? Choose one of the following:
  4. Event/Program for which you require funding:
  5. Date(s) of Event/Program:
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