G. Alfred Hess Jr. Undergraduate Research Fund (SESP)

The G. Alfred Hess Jr. Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund (“Hess Fund”) was established in 2005-06 to honor and remember Fred Hess for his service to the School of Education & Social Policy and his generosity in mentoring undergraduate students.

The fund provides support for School of Education & Social Policy (SESP) undergraduate students who are working on a research project. The “research project” might be under the direction of a faculty member, or might be a paper or endeavor of the student’s own choosing, such as those undertaken by undergraduates in SESP’s Honors Program or as part of their degrees. Students are eligible for one award from the Hess Fund during the course of their studies.

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For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Susan Olson
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs | School of Education & Social Policy
Email: susan-olson@northwestern.edu

Supplemental Questions
  1. Contact Information:
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  2. Name of sponsoring faculty member(s), paper reviewer(s), or faculty advisor(s), if applicable.
  3. Is this work a part of:
  4. Please provide the title of your project and a description:
  5. Please provide a brief summary of the work to be completed and how the award will be utilized.
  6. Please provide a calendar or timeline for the work related to the award.
  7. Please provide your requested award amount and rationale (statement indicating why the item proposed for funding is needed).
  8. Please provide other funding awards requested or received for the same project/item.
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