Northwestern Career Advancement - Career Development Fund (CDF): Interview Suit Application

Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) provides funding to support or supplement the career development needs of undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. Undergraduate students can apply to receive $300 funding to support the purchase of an interview suit one time during their Northwestern career. Students will receive payment by reimbursement when receipts are submitted; upfront funding is not available. For special circumstances, please contact Students must make purchases & submit receipts and essay prior to graduating from Northwestern. We are not able to process payments to students after graduation.

Please Note:  Students can apply for funding for an interview suit two (2) times in their undergraduate career; the funding must be in an interval of two years or more (i.e.: freshman and junior year or sophomore and senior year), and will not be provided in consecutive years. Students will be required to justify why the second suit is necessary.

Please Note:  Applications will not be reviewed over the week of Thanksgiving, Finals Week/Winter Break, or Spring break. Please expect a delay in processing during those times.

Timelines for funding can be found on the NCA website: The application committee cannot guarantee an expedited process, however, any urgent requests should be addressed to

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Beth Tucker
Administrative Assistant | Northwestern Career Advancement

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you previously been awarded funds through the Career Development Fund?
  2. If you selected "Other" above, please provide more details. If you didn't select "Other", write "N/A"
  3. If you have received funds through the Career Development Fund, when did you receive them? (If you don't remember, please write "I don't remember")
  4. If received suit previously, could you provide an explanation on why you need an additional suit. Please write "N/A" if you haven't received a suit before.
  5. Are you graduating this quarter?
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