SoC Dept. of Radio/Television/Film (RTVF) Media Arts Grant: Prepaid Debit Card Disbursement Fund

The goal of this fund is to support student access to School of Communication undergraduate curricular and co-curricular activities. Most specifically, this fund provides undergraduate students who have been awarded RTVF Media Arts Grants the opportunity to receive their award disbursement in the form of a reloadable pre-paid debit card.

The Media Arts Grant (or MAG) is a funding system administered through the Department of Radio/Television/Film to support student-driven filmmaking experiences. The Radio-TV-Film Department’s Media Arts Grants provides funding (and where appropriate, equipment checkout) for RTVF undergraduates developing individual, original media projects in any recorded/moving image medium. Proposals are assessed, and grants awarded, by a committee of faculty and students. Students must submit their Media Arts Grant proposals through the existing SoC portal.

Once awarded, students must complete the One Form application to qualify to receive their disbursement in the form of a reloadable pre-paid debit card. Students will be notified within two business days of application whether they qualify for the pre-paid card program.

Students must have been notified by the MAG committee that they have received a grant award.

Academic , School of Communication
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the term of your MAG grant award (dates)? (mm/dd/yyyy)
  2. What is the name of your awarded MAG project?
  3. Please attach a copy of your approved project budget. Please note the request for the prepaid card must be for the approved project budget; applications to use the card to fund personal or other student activities will not be considered.