SESP Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) Conference Grant

SESP Leadership Institute (SLI) Conference Grant

The Leadership Institute (SLI) Conference Grant provides funding to SLI alums to help offset costs to participate in academic conferences relating to social justice, education, cultural psychology, or related areas. This year we can award up to $500 and hope to provide these funds for current students and recent graduates with interests in research, community work, and/or pursuing graduate studies.

What is the SLI conference grant?
– An opportunity aimed at supporting SLI alum participation in academic conferences and educational gatherings that further individuals’ interests in graduate studies as well as community/educational work.

Who is eligible to receive funding?
– All current students and recent graduates who are past participants of the SLI program will be considered for the grant until we reach $500.

Can more than one person receive funding?
– Yes! We will prioritize current students who are approaching graduation and recent graduates.

What is the deadline?
– While there is no deadline, we encourage you to apply early. Decisions will be sent on a rolling basis.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Vanessa Champagne
SLI Program Coordinator | School of Education & Social Policy

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you attended an academic conference in the past? If yes, please share which conference and what year.

    It’s alright if you have not attended a conference, we are asking this question to get a sense of the support we may be able to offer in addition to funding.
  2. Will you be presenting at this event?
  3. Tell us about the conference you would like to attend. Please include any registration deadlines and other sources of funding you have sought. If you are receiving other funding, please include what is being covered and how much.
  4. How might attending this event benefit you personally, academically and professionally? How might this impact your interests and pursuits beyond your college experience?
  5. What is the funding amount you are requesting?
  6. If you receive this grant, how do you hope to use it? E.g. To cover registration fees, transportation, hotel and/or food costs.
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