Student Organizations & Activities Barrier Free Inclusive Engagement Grant

The Department of Student Organizations & Activities is committed to the holistic and positive experience of Northwestern Students, and their co-curricular experiences that support a healthy and inclusive environment.

An inclusive and barrier free student organization and/or involvement and/or engagement is defined as one that has no extraneous barriers to general membership (i.e. applications, interviews, membership fees, auditions, academic class restrictions, questionnaires).
This should allow general members full participation in meetings, events, and other organizational activities.

Applications and interviews for organizational leadership (i.e. chair, arrangers, choreographer, and the like), may be used to determine specific leadership roles/positions within the organization, but not as a requirement or prerequisite for general membership engagement.

SOA has combined and revamped our previous grants to support the Inclusive and Barrier Free Student Organization Engagement. Our Goal is to support events/programs that will encourage a positive experience for the NU Community.

Information and eligibility:

  • groups initiative/events
  • Current, active, and no deficit SOFO account
  • Grant application submitted 3 weeks prior to program or initiative
  • Registered Student Organization
  • $500 max grant per group/per year
  • Must include budget guide for how student group plan to spend grant funds

PLEASE NOTE: Your responses on the General Application WILL NOT effect your student groups chances of receiving this award.

Student Orgs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a registered Student Organization?
  2. What is the name of the group for which you are applying?
  3. How does your organization embody/apply the Inclusive/Barrier Free Student Organizations Engagement Initiative?
  4. How will this program/initiative/training support the Inclusive/Barrier Free Student Organizations Engagement Initiative at Northwestern University?
  5. What other funding sources have you applied for this program/initiative/training?
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