Graduate Student Regalia Assistance Form

The Northwestern Commencement Office is committed to eliminating financial barriers, where possible, that may prohibit our graduates from truly enjoying the momentous occasion of their graduation. Please complete the following form to request financial assistance for your graduate regalia including cap, gown, tassel and hood. This form must be completed by 11:59 pm on Friday, May 18th for your request to receive full consideration. If your request is approved you will be notified to take the next steps to place an order for regalia. Please note no refunds will be issued to graduates who have placed their orders prior to requesting financial assistance.

Supplemental Questions
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  4. How did you find out about this funding opportunity?
    • 1. How did you find out about this funding opportunity?
    • 2. If you selected "Other" above, please list below. Please write "N/A", if you selected a response above.
  5. Why are you requesting Financial Assistance at this time?