Northwestern Panhellenic Association Active Member Scholarship

Northwestern Panhellenic Association (PHA) provides quarterly funding to active members to supplement the costs of membership dues. Applicants are selected to receive funding based both on merit and demonstrated financial need. All members of the Panhellenic community in good standing with their organization are eligible to apply. 

Please Note: Please answer the questions as best you can. The best applications are not necessarily the longest or from the people with the most on their resume, but the ones that are thoughtful. There are no right or wrong answers to any of the questions. Do not mention your specific chapter, and try to use generic position titles instead of specific ones. Keep in mind the more specific information you provide the more likely it will be that the exec member reading your application will recognize you.

_Late applications and applications that do not follow directions will not be considered due to the overwhelming demand. _

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Keilah Johnson
Assistant Director | Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity & Sorority Life
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please read: The mission of the PHA scholarship program is to award scholarships on the basis of merit and financial need to assist with dues. Scholarships are first scored on a merit basis taking into account how well the candidate represents the four Panhellenic Values (Scholarship, Leadership, Sisterhood, and Philanthropy) and demonstrates thoughtful reflection on what they have gained by being a member of a sorority and the PHA community. Money is then allocated on a need basis taking into account the base chapter dues of each individual sorority (not including parlor fees/housing fees). Due to overwhelming need and limited funds, coverage of your full chapter dues is not guaranteed if you win a scholarship. Your need score is calculated by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and is not shared with anyone but the PHA VP of Administration and the PHA faculty advisor. All of your personal information input into this form will be kept confidential, however, your answers to the questions below will be read by PHA exec members and the more specific information you choose to share the more likely it will be that a PHA exec member recognizes you. If you are selected to win a scholarship, it will be up to you to provide the requested information to the VP of Administration in a timely manner in order to collect your winnings. If you have won a PHA scholarship in the previous quarter, you are still encouraged to apply but priority will be given to those who have not recently won a scholarship.
  2. Full Chapter Name:
  3. What does your sorority membership mean to you? (DO NOT mention your chapter by name and use generic position titles if possible)
  4. What are your academic interests and passions? What kind of long term goals do you currently have for yourself academically and professionally, and how are you working towards these goals?
  5. Describe a time in college when you had to step up and lead a group despite not having an official leadership title. What motivated you to take charge and what challenges did you face?
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