Student Enrichment Services Student Emergency and Essential Needs (SEEN) Fund

The FALL 2018 SEEN Application has CLOSED. Winter 2019 Application:

The Student Emergency and Essential Needs (SEEN) Fund provides funding to cover costs associated with emergencies and essential needs. You only have to apply for this fund ONE TIME. Eligibility for the SEEN Fund is based on your financial aid status. If you have any questions, please contact Christina A. Smith at 

Additional Information:

  • All requests are processed via reimbursement (unless there are extenuating circumstances) and SES will cover up to $30 per office visit.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Christina A. Smith at with details of your request.
  • 100% coverage for medical bills
  • $250 vision max and eye exam
  • SES will cover medical/mental health related costs for eligible-students on leave

Eligible Funding Categories:

  • Childcare/family support
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Physical Health-Related: Insurance deductibles or premium
  • Physical Health-Related: Prescriptions or medication
  • Physical Health-Related: Medical bills (on going, emergency, office visits, etc)
  • Physical Health-Related: Medical tests
  • Physical Health-Related: Gender reassignment support
  • Mental Health-Related: Insurance deductibles or premium
  • Mental Health-Related: Prescriptions or medication
  • Mental Health-Related: Co-pays
  • Mental Health-Related: Treatment bills (on going therapy, emergency care, co-pays, etc)
  • Mental Health-Related: Alcohol and other drug treatment
  • Mental Health-Related: Testing for disabilities
  • Family emergency/travel
  • Rent, utilities, living expenses
  • Food insecurity
  • Safety/security costs
  • Belongings lost due to theft or property damage
  • Legal support
  • Medical leave transition costs
  • Transportation costs

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Christina A. Smith
Administrative Assistant | Student Enrichment Services

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your status:
  2. Have you already received funding for essential or emergency needs from Northwestern during this academic year – starting September 1, 2018?
  3. Please select your current insurance:
  4. Please select the nature of your request (you can select multiple):
  5. Please expand on the categories you selected above.
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