NEXT Travel Grant

This travel grant is for undergraduate students who have financial need and would like to apply to externships outside of their hometown and the Chicagoland area through the NEXT program. The grant is intended to cover the costs associated with traveling to another city such as airfare or hotel accommodations. Recipients of this grant would receive a $450 stipend.

The Northwestern Externship Program (NEXT) is a one-day shadowing program that offers current Northwestern students the opportunity to accompany alumni on the job in order to learn more about different professional fields. Students spend time observing and often working alongside their alumni hosts in order to gain insight into the practical aspects of potential careers.

Students who participate in the NEXT program will (or will be able to):

  • Use online resources to research career paths and/or organizations prior to their externship.
  • List three things they can do to prepare for an externship.
  • Formulate at least five open-ended questions to ask their alumni during their externship.
  • List the typical duties associated with the job of the alumni they shadowed.
  • Describe the skills/qualities needed to be successful in the job of the alumni they shadowed.
  • Articulate the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a career in the industry they learned about through shadowing in light of their personal skills, interests, and goals.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Eleni Vartelas
Assistant Director | Northwestern Career Advancement

Supplemental Questions
  1. How did you hear about the NEXT grants?
  2. If you selected "Other" above, please provide more details.
  3. If your application for a NEXT grant is not approved, what other sources do you have to fund your travel?
  4. Write a short essay that addresses the following questions: How will receiving funding for NEXT travel help to advance your career? How will traveling outside of the Chicagoland area for NEXT help with your career exploration?
  5. What cities are you interested in applying to externships in? *Note that we cannot provide grants for you to participate in an externship in your hometown.
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