Alternative Student Breaks

Alternative Student Breaks (ASB) seeks to educate Northwestern University students about specific social issues by immersing them in service-learning activities in a wide array of communities across the country. ASB trips vary widely in price from $180 to $500. This cost covers all the trip expenses including transportation, lodging, food, and an ASB shirt. 

Alternative Student Breaks application, click here

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Val Buchanan
Assistant Director | Leadership Development & Community Engagement

Student Orgs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please rank the following Spring Break 2019 sites. If you are opposed to going to a specific site, rank it with a 1. If you are very interested in a site, rank it with a 5. You can use the same rank for multiple sites if you have equal interest in them. 1 = No I don't want to go. 5 = My bags are packed! Take me away! PLEASE NOTE: Your rankings in this application DOES NOT influence your placement.
    • 1. Site A: Center for the Homeless, South Bend, Indiana
    • 2. Site B: Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association, Grantville, Pennsylvania
    • 3. Site C: Doorways, St. Louis, Missouri
    • 4. Site D: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Pensacola, Florida
    • 5. Site E: White Earth Land Recovery Project, Callaway, Minnesota
    • 6. Site F: Mission Wolf, Westcliffe, CO (CLASS TRIP)
    • 7. Site G: The Farm, Summertown, TN (CLASS TRIP)
  2. Have you registered for a Spring Break 2019 ASB trip or are you currently taking a class for a Spring Break 2019 Class Trip?

    Registration link: