NPHC and MGC Councils Scholarship

This fund is meant to help reduce the financial barriers of membership in NPHC and MGC chapters. The fund is meant to help those students who could not afford to participate without any external aid. This is a grant for individuals, not organizations. If multiple members or potential new members of a group require assistance, they must each fill out an individual application.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your intended use for the funding?
  2. What is the primary classification of the organization whose programs you are seeking funding support? Choose one of the following:
  3. How do you see this particular event affecting your Northwestern experience? Please type a concise one-paragraph response.
  4. Please share other areas where you are receiving support to cover the expenses you listed above (e.g. other grants/scholarships, fundraising efforts, etc.)
  5. Please upload an itemized budget detailing how you plan to use the funds if awarded. This budget is considered an estimate and may not reflect the final funding amount. Please use THIS TEMPLATE for your budget.