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Below, you will find our One Form Partner applications for opportunities ranging from Alternative Student Breaks to the Student Activity Assistance Fund (formerly SASF).

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We understand that life is unpredictable and often brings unexpected expenses. These expenses can cause significant hardship and stress. Fortunately, the university has an Emergency Aid fund in the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid that might help. Visit THIS FORM to report emergency expenses to the financial aid office.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$500.00 SoC NU Faces Fund
Formerly known as the “School of Communication Department of Theater...
$0.00 SoC Dept. of Radio/Television/Film (RTVF) Department External Hard Drive Loan Program
Spring 2023 APPLICATION The goal of this fund is to lower course costs...
Varies G. Alfred Hess Jr. Undergraduate Research Fund (SESP)
The G. Alfred Hess Jr. Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund (“Hess...
$250.00 Medill JR/MOTH Grant
The fund supplements students involved in a journalism residency...
$75.00 Medill Local Travel Reimbursement
Medill students are eligible to apply for limited and approved...
Varies Medill Student Conference Travel
Please complete this form to express interest in attending a 2023...
$0.00 Residential Services Lockout, Lock Change, and Temp Card Fund
Residential Services will grant waivers for lockouts, lock changes, and...
$0.00 Residential Services Lofting Fund
Residential Services offers bed lofting services for $100 and bunking...
Varies SESP Munger Family Practicum/Student Teaching Assistance Fund
The SESP Munger Family Practicum/Student Teaching Assistance Fund was...
Varies SESP Undergraduate Opportunities Fund
The SESP Undergraduate Opportunities Fund (“Opportunities Fund”) was...
Varies Health Professions Advising – MCAT Preparation Material Access Codes
This bundle includes over 2,300 unique passage-based and independent...